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Wet End HeadboxPIR, was started in 1988 to service the recruitment needs of the pulp, paper, and allied industries. For eight years, Maynard Charron was the top paper industry recruiter with Dunhill, a nation wide recruitment firm. Maynard has worked with hundreds of mills, suppliers, and corporate headquarters in finding the best engineers, production personnel, sales people, technical staff, mill managers, general managers, Vice Presidents and Presidents.

For our company clients, we pour through scores of identified applicants, screen and interview them and then present only a select few for you to see. 

Mixing TankFor the candidate, we offer an honest assessment of your skills, an extensive link to opportunities, and a rock solid system to prepare you for your interview process. We help you get the position you deserve with a company that respects your talents, supports your career advancement, and will compensate you with a more than competitive income.


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